Traffic Violations Are Not Minor Legal Matters

Many Georgia residents come to my law office assuming that traffic tickets are minor violations. No arrest. Just a ticket. Like many others, you may feel that the infraction seems inconsequential and harmless. And you would be as wrong as they are.

Paying the fee is the same as pleading guilty. Your record is not clean. Over time, multiple violations add up. Before you realize what is happening, your insurance rates increase or your driver's license is suspended.

Fighting To Minimize The Consequences Of Traffic Violations

At Robin Cato, Attorney at Law, LLC, I educate my fellow Georgia residents on the consequences of traffic tickets and the process they face in court. From there, I vigorously defend them with the goal of minimizing the consequences for first-time and multiple-time offenders.

A suspended driver's license for speeding, reckless driving and other traffic offenses can be devastating. The inability to drive to and from work can impact your employment status. Commercial drivers potentially face the end of their careers.

In addition to the criminal consequences are significant increases in insurance rates. An insurance provider's point system could result in premiums increasing to levels you can no longer afford.

Assert Your Rights With The Help Of A Traffic Violations Lawyer

Do you still believe that traffic violations are a minor offense? If you have been ticketed, contact my law firm before paying the fine. You have the right to appear before a judge in court. You also have the right to a sound criminal defense. To schedule an initial consultation at my Royston office, contact me, Robin Cato, at 404-857-3617, or fill out my firm's online intake form.