Experienced Defense Against DUI/DWI Charges

Even a first-time DUI/DWI charge is very serious. More is at stake than just the criminal penalties. Your reputation and future are also on the line. If you or a loved one was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is very important that you seek an experienced attorney.

Keeping You Fully Informed

I am a skilled and seasoned lawyer with lifelong ties to the Royston area who provides clients with personalized and individual legal representation. Using my extensive legal background and experience, I will give you a complete analysis of your case and tell you what the potential outcomes are. I believe it is important for my clients to understand their cases thoroughly so that they can make full and informed decisions when it comes to drunk driving charges.

Dedicated Defense Counsel

I defend against all types of traffic violations and charges, including drunk driving charges. Whether this is a first, second or subsequent DUI/DWI charge, I can help you seek the most favorable outcome for your specific situation. A DUI/DWI charge brings with it the potential for jail time, fines and probation and can damage employment opportunities.

Defending yourself properly against these very serious implications all starts with hiring the right attorney. Do not wait; seek legal help immediately.

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